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My Story

Everything changed for me during 2006, when I went through another horrific stressful period. The first one was after my oldest son’s death in 2003. I was living like most professionals in DC, working long hours, five days a week, with a four-hour daily commute, spending weekends on catching up on chores with very little very time for relaxation and rejuvenation. Sure, I loved my career and the focus on building it, but I was tired. In every possible way.

Going into 2007, I was in constant pain, and, ultimately, diagnosed with fibromyalgia. I put a 1-year goal in place – to conquer the symptoms of fibromyalgia. But, no matter what I did to get better, things outside my control kept setting me back.  I took one step forward, and two steps back.  I felt stuck—in my career, health, growth and life. I made up my mind to change things to meet my new needs.


In 2008 I left my job and started my journey. I put another 1-year goal in place—to become a small business coach. I joined a mastermind group to chart my journey. Since, I have reached many goals—even to retire at 60, only to discover retirement wasn’t for me.

One  thing  was  a  constant—a mastermind group.

About Dallas Mastermind


As I was preparing to retire, a sequence of events happened that caused me to rethink my decision.

I was introduced to Jay Fiset and his program Masterminds to Millions. I signed up for his mastermind group boot camp—to become a group facilitator.

What learned during the training was a real eye opener.

Moreover, while attending the in-person training component, I was invited to join one of his high-level MM groups.

And, even so I graduated over a year and a half ago, I still attend his trainings every chance I get.

In the past, I had belonged to many MM groups, and even facilitated several, but most groups fizzled out after a while due to lack commitment.

Jay’s approach was different.

I thought I knew everything about how to run a mastermind, but as the saying goes, “You don’t know what you don’t know.”

What I learned from Jay took me to the next level in more than one way—and some.

While there are other models out there, and I even still use some in my free groups,Jay’s is my prefered one for facilitating in-person and virtual groups

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